Because of the push off circumstances, although, Shintarou is obligated to log off their comfort zone and you can finds themselves in an effective hostage problem

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Because of the push off circumstances, although, Shintarou is obligated to log off their comfort zone and you can finds themselves in an effective hostage problem

The brand new area out of Mekakucity Stars spins to Shintarou Kisaragi, who’s not leftover their place in many years as he becomes engrossed in his computer system and Internet. They are saved because of the a team of young people who’ve eye-relevant energies and you will call on their own the latest Mekakushi Dan.

Joining Shintarou in the activities are Takane Enomoto, or Ene. New lovable headphones for females she activities then emphasizes the woman techie nature. This woman is, after all, one to cybergirl just who lives in Shintarou’s desktop.

8. Shione Togawa

  • Anime:Sora No Means

Sora Zero Means narrates brand new adventures regarding Nonoka Komiya, just who remaining Lake Kiriya City just to come back later in order to return along with her pal Noel. This time, although, the town where she had existed on the longest date now has actually a strange saucer flying over it.

Shione Togawa was Nonoka’s best friend, but the strict lady just who loves photos turns out hating the latest main protagonist immediately following she renders the town. Shione’s headsets seem to have a sole mission: so you can block out that which you to the girl so she will stick to by herself.

nine. Seira

  • Anime:One-piece

One-piece says to the storyline out of Monkey D. Luffy, a good 17-year-old pirate, just who trip across the Grand Line finding exactly that, One piece, the absolute most-coveted appreciate of all the. An element of the protagonist, who isn’t the normal pirate, try registered inside the activities from the their family members, exactly who every keeps their unique quirks.

Successfully, Seira is a gorgeous mermaid which wears a swimsuit and you will good pearl necklacepleting their gown is actually headphones made from shells. New attractive headphones for females was seem to a symbol of Seira’s affinity which have songs due to the fact a dancer at Mermaid Eatery.

10. Cocco

  • Anime:Hunter X Huntsman (2011)

A portion of the protagonist during the Hunter X Hunter is Gon Freecss, good 12-year-dated just who will getting, eg his dad who leftover your, an informed hunter you’ll be able to. Gon match Kurapika, Leorio and you can Killua in the act, and carry on a search filled with demands and you may know the actual concept of becoming a seeker together with her.

Throughout the comic strip, Cocco was good commentator within Heavens Stadium where battles just take lay. Cocco’s adorable headsets serve a functional mission than simply a visual one: They arrive having an effective mic one to she uses when annotating matches.

eleven. Tomo Oshii

  • Anime: Spouse (Kari)

The new comic strip, which is a type out-of a mobile video game, centers around the life span of senior school beginner Shiina Kokomi, which plays a contribute character in the school’s rhythmic gymnastics pub. Girlfriend (Kari) basically information the issues Shiina and her nearest and dearest undergo once the young people at school

Tomo Oshii is the most those children. The woman is a second-season beginner from the sending out committee, which probably explains the headsets. Ironically, Tomo doesn’t manage too many discover shows and prefers to end up being behind the scenes.

twelve. Kaname Makiishi

  • Anime:Triage X

Triage X targets this new activities of Arashi Mikami, who is a member of the fresh Black Identity business. The team has taken up on alone to help you eliminate “cancers” away from society in the event the police can not handle her or him.

Don’t be fooled because of the apparently form face of Kaname Makiishi. Kaname is simply the top off Syringe, an organisation hence Black colored Label matches from the comic strip. Or no, the spiky headphones with this lady cartoon character indeed render a beneficial look towards the lady cold personality.

thirteen. Ohana Matsumae

  • Anime:Hanasaku Iroha

Hanasaku Iroha targets living of Ohana Matsumae, an effective sixteen-year-dated that is left in order to fend for herself whenever this lady mother abandons the girl. The fresh new collection, that was shown out-of , suggests Ohana just like the she deals with the difficulties of working getting her grandmother from inside the a keen inn titled Kissuiso.

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